Jan 09

Why you’ll be most excited for The Most Incredible Thing

A mesmerizing display of talent and creativity, you must see this most incredible performance! A fairytale pop ballet by Javier de Frutos and the Pet Shop Boys, The Most Incredible Thing makes its American debut right here in Charlotte. Out of all the performances this season, see why our dancers think you’ll be MOST excited for The most incredible thing!

sarah_hayes_harkins_blogSarah Hayes Harkins | 10th Season

“Audiences will be shocked and blown away by The Most Incredible Thing. It’s different, full of energy and Charlotte Ballet is going to rock it.”

web_SQ-0874R_fix_James_Kopecky_022James Kopecky | 3rd Season

“The Most Incredible Thing will really be a different setting for a story ballet. Audiences will be shocked at how different a story ballet could be without tutus.”

WEB_SQ-0874R_fix_Juwan_Alston_023Juwan Alston | 3rd Season

“The Most Incredible Thing is so visually appealing and the music is so different. It will definitely be one that audiences will get excited about.”

WEB_SQ-0874R_fix_Raven_Barkley_010Raven Barkley | 3rd Season

“I’m excited we get to dance to music by the Pet Shop Boys and wear awesome costumes.”

headshot_shaina-wireShaina Wire | 2nd Season

“I’m looking forward to our performance of The Most Incredible Thing because it’s going to be so unique and different from what a lot of the audiences have seen here in Charlotte.”

web_SQ-0874R_fix_Chelsea_Dumas_027Chelsea Dumas | 5th Season

“I’m most excited to perform The Most Incredible Thing! It’s amazing we are going to be the North American premiere. It looks fun and entertaining to dance, too!”

LaPointe_BlogSarah Lapointe | 3rd Season

“I am looking forward to The Most Incredible Thing because I am excited to work with Javier de Frutos. Audiences will be excited to see the American debut of The Most Incredible Thing as it will have more of a European flare to it.”


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