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Hear from a Graduate

Reach is a three-year scholarship dance program that makes beginning level, quality dance training accessible to students who demonstrate a natural talent for movement and the potential to be trained in dance. The program affords children the opportunity to access quality dance training in their neighborhoods free of charge promoting self-esteem, discipline, a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the arts.

Reach is funded solely through contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations. Support the dancers of tomorrow through a donation today!


Sabriyya Dean

I think the Reach program is extremely important because it gives everyone a chance to explore movement and express themselves! It gives kids an opportunity to be exposed to the dance world while being taught self-esteem, discipline and a strong work ethic.

The Reach program has shaped me today into a young African American woman with the confidence that I can amount to anything, knowing that I am enough and that I can do everything I put my mind to!”

Sabriyya started her training in the Reach program. Since then, she has stayed with the Academy and is now a student in our Pre-Professional division.

“What I loved most about being a part of the reach program was that I had the opportunity to learn classical ballet. I always thought ballet was an elegant form of movement and desired to take part in the art. The Reach program was excellent in teaching the fundamentals of ballet, along with other styles of dance. Learning how to master the steps was something I always wished I could do!

Jared Sutton

Jared began his training as a young Reach dancer, worked his way through the Academy and was offered a professional contract with Charlotte Ballet II this season. ⁣

“Dance is a very big part of my life. I have the Reach program to thank for being my introduction into the arts and dance world. ⁣Watching the Reach program continuing to grow and thrive motivates me to keep working to my fullest potential.

Reach allows children to learn, exercise and express themselves in ways that words cannot. The dedication and discipline required for dance will help tremendously whether they choose to pursue it as a career or not.”

Reach was launched in 2009 through a $78,000 grant from the Women’s Impact Fund. The Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department partners with Charlotte Ballet to promote the program and provide sites for the classes at the Albemarle Road, Bette Rae ThomasIvory Baker, Naomi Drenan and Hickory Grove Recreation Centers. >> LEARN MORE


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