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From the Academy to Charlotte Ballet II

Charlotte Ballet’s Summer Intensive is recognized for its strong training, diverse classes, rigorous schedule and supportive faculty. At Charlotte Ballet, dancers are encouraged to refine their strength in classical ballet technique and explore new movement. Register for our 2019 National Audition tour today!

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Charlotte Ballet Academy gives you the skills to pursue a career in dance, which are taught in the year-round programs and in the Summer Intensive.  Join us in celebrating three dancers who’ve made the leap to Charlotte Ballet II from our Pre-Professional program! Read about how their training at Charlotte Ballet Academy began their professional career.

Karlee Vadalabene-Donley


Pictured with second company dancer Andrès

Karlee came to Charlotte Ballet’s Summer Intensive in 2016. At the end of the summer, she was asked to join the year round, Pre-Professional program.

“I instantly fell in love with the intensity, instructors and the professional company dancers.”
-Karlee Vadalabene-Donley


After her first year of training with Charlotte Ballet, she was asked to continue a second year as a Trainee. She spent just one year as a Trainee before she was asked to join the second company!

“The most exciting thing about joining Charlotte Ballet II is having the opportunity to work beside dancers whom I have been inspired by for the past two years!”
-Karlee Vadalabene-Donley

Jared Sutton


Pictured with all the members of Charlotte Ballet II, as well as Mark Diamond, the director of the second company.

Jared has a very special Charlotte Ballet story. He began dancing through Reach, Charlotte Ballet’s nationally recognized dance scholarship program.

“I thought it was always out of reach, until I was about 16. Then I thought, ‘maybe if I put my best foot forward today, and every day beyond that, I might be able to do something.'”


Pictured with company dancer Maurice Mouzon Jr.

Charlotte Ballet Artistic Director Hope Muir called him into her office one day, which doesn’t normally happen to the Pre-Professional dancers. In those moments, Jared was offered his position in Charlotte Ballet II!

“I am incredibly excited to work with such talented, powerful, selfless, and versatile dancers. I have have been training at Charlotte Ballet for years, and this is the company I aspired to be apart of!”

-Jared Sutton

Elisabeth Baehman


Photo by Peter Zay

Elisabeth came from Palm City, FL to train with Charlotte Ballet’s Pre-Professional program.


After two years in the Pre-Professional program, she was offered a position with Charlotte Ballet II!

“I am most excited to be able to work with and learn from the amazing artisitc staff and dancers at Charlotte Ballet!”

-Elisabeth Baehman

Everyone at Charlotte Ballet’s Summer Intensive is considered for the Pre-Professional Program, so join us this summer for the opportunity of a lifetime!

This post was originally published on September 4, 2018 and has been updated.


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