May 10

Dancer’s Thoughts on the Season

Charlotte Ballet announces season programming for the 2017/2018 Season, the first for new Artistic Director Hope Muir. The season includes the introduction of seven new choreographers to Charlotte Ballet’s repertoire, three world premieres and two American premieres. Be transformed and join us as a subscriber.

See why Charlotte Ballet company dancers are so excited for the upcoming performances:

Fall Works

October 19-21, 2017  |  Knight Theater

Works by Johan Inger, George Balanchine and Javier de Frutos

Drew_BlogDrew Grant | “Hope’s honest and open attitude make her a pleasure to work with. She has planned an eclectic and interesting season for her debut with Charlotte Ballet. I am most excited about performing in Fall Works. Johan Inger has long been a choreographer I’ve admired. Inger’s work, Walking Mad made a real impression on me when I first saw it, and I think we can count on it being an audience favorite here in Charlotte. Also, its a special treat whenever the company gets a chance to perform a Balanchine work staged by Patricia McBride.”

george-balanchines-apollo-david-ingram-traci-gilchrest-anna-gerberich-alessandra-ball-photo-by-peter-zayPhoto: George Balanchine’s Apollo

Fall Works explores the exciting evolution of Charlotte Ballet, starting with a look to what the future holds, with Johan Inger’s Walking Mad. A tribute to Charlotte Ballet’s legacy, Fall Works features George Balanchine’s Apollo, staged by legendary Balanchine dancer and Kennedy Center Honoree Patricia McBride. Elsa Canasta, choreographed by Javier de Frutos, makes an exhilarating finale to the performance.


January 26-February 17, 2018
Patricia McBride & Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux Center for Dance

Works by Sasha Janes, Dwight Rhoden and Robyn Mineko Williams

web_sq-0874r_fix_lexi_johnston_013Lexi Johnston | “I am excited about the upcoming season with Hope because of the new opportunities and artistic guidance she will bring. She’s very supportive of all the dancers, and I am confident she will provide the best possible experience for the company next season. Her goals and vision for the future of the company are really exciting, and I feel very lucky to be here during this special time!
I am really looking forward to every show next season because we will be working with several choreographers I’ve never had the opportunity to work with before. Each program has such a great mix of classical and contemporary work, which is one of my favorite parts about this company. If I had to pick, I would say I am looking forward to Innovative Works the most!”

novative-works_sasha-janes_hallelujah-2_photo-by-jeff-cravotta_compressedPhoto: Sasha Janes’ Hallelujah at Innovative Works

At Innovative Works you will experience contemporary ballets by three unique choreographers – Charlotte Ballet Resident Choreographers Sasha Janes and Dwight Rhoden are joined by Robyn Mineko Williams, a three-time Princess Grace choreography award winner and former colleague of Artistic Director Hope Muir at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.


March 9-18, 2018  |  Knight Theater

Choreographed by Javier de Frutos with music by the Pet Shop Boys

 LaPointe_BlogSarah Lapointe | “I am so excited about the repertoire Hope is bringing to Charlotte, especially The Most Incredible Thing. It will be interesting to work with so many different choreographers from all over the world and learn their interpretation of movement.”

After receiving rave reviews in London, Javier de Frutos and the Pet Shop Boys’ The Most Incredible Thing makes its American debut right here in Charlotte. Audiences young and old are sure to enjoy this fairytale pop ballet of Hans Christian Andersen’s fable about a King who holds a competition to determine who can make the “most incredible thing.”


April 26-28, 2018  |  Knight Theater

Works by Bryan Arias, Filipe Portugal, Helen Picket and Ohad Naharin

Amelia_BlogAmelia Sturt-Dilley | “I cannot wait to see what new spirit Hope Muir will bring to Charlotte Ballet. To have a new set of eyes, experiences and connections in the studio will be challenging and rewarding! The repertoire she has chosen for the 17/18 season is varied in techniques and is sure to challenge us physically and artistically, especially for Spring WorksI’m honored and excited to welcome her to our family.  

charlotte-ballet-ohad-naharin-minus-16-photo-1-by-jeff-cravottaPhoto: Ohad Narharin’s Minus 16

Energy and discovery abound at Spring Works with the introduction of three new choreographers to Charlotte Ballet: former Charlotte Ballet dancer Bryan Arias, Filipe Portugal and Helen Pickett. Closing the performance, the return of Ohad Naharin’s Minus 16 leaves you feeling enlightened and entertained.

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