Apr 05

A Look Into Helen Pickett’s World Premiere

Spring Works

April 25-27 | Knight Theater

Tickets start at $25!


Acclaimed choreographer Helen Pickett returns to create a new commission, IN Cognito, which is premiering at Charlotte Ballet’s Spring Works. When asked about the work, Helen described it by saying “It’s a paradox of wanting to be seen, not wanting to be seen and needing to be seen.”

Audiences can also expect British choreographer David Dawson’s Opus.11, which highlights the power of human connection, and the return of Johan Inger’s stylistic game-changer Walking Mad. 



Interview with Returning Choreographer Helen Pickett

Acclaimed choreographer Helen Pickett returns to create a new commission, In Cognito, that is sure to capture the beauty

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Walking Mad In Rehearsal

Don't miss Johan Inger's stylistic game changer Walking Mad, returning to Charlotte Ballet this season for Spring Works!

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Dancers’ Thoughts on Spring Works

Our dancers are so excited for Spring Works - and you should be, too! Learn more about the company members' take on the

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Johan Inger’s Walking Mad Returns

After powerful audience response, Johan Inger’s Walking Mad returns for Spring Works! Don't miss the return of this st

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