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Dancers’ Thoughts on Spring Works

Spring Works

April 25-27 | Knight Theater


Spring Works is an exciting evening of dance that Artistic Director Hope Muir carefully curated to show the strength and beauty of our dancers. The program includes a world premiere by Helen Pickett, a beautiful commission by David Dawson and the return of audience favorite Walking Mad by Johan Inger.

Our dancers shared with us why they are excited about Spring Works!

“I am most looking forward to Spring Works. Getting to perform a David Dawson work is an amazing opportunity that I’m so looking forward to. Helen Pickett’s work has such beautiful detail and artistry. And Johan Inger’s Walking Mad is one of my favorite ballets I’ve ever performed. I couldn’t be more excited to have it on the program again.”

Peter Mazurowski

Spring Works has a lot to look forward to. A premiere by the always dynamic Helen Pickett, a pas de deux by David Dawson, someone who’s work is the definition of pretty and powerful, and the return of Johan Inger’s engaging Walking Mad.

Drew Grant

“Helen Pickett pushes you in all areas of dance: technically, artistically and emotionally. In her rehearsals, you have to be fully in the present moment, which is refreshing because in today’s world, everyone is either living in the past or the future.”

Chelsea Dumas

“I’m most looking forward to Spring Works because of the return of Walking Mad. I’ve always been enchanted by Ravel’s “Bolero”, therefore it’s such a pleasure seeing the correlation between Johan Inger’s movement and the musical composition.

Raven Barkley

“I have admired David Dawson’s work for such a long time, and it will be a dream to have him in the same space as I.”

Juwan J. Alston

Don’t miss Spring Works at Charlotte Ballet this April >> Tickets start at just 25$!


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