Jan 19

A Day in the Life of Josh Hall

Born in Charlotte, NC, Josh Hall, has been dancing with Charlotte Ballet for 5 seasons. What does a day in the life of a professional dancer look like? Read on as we follow Josh as he prepares for our 20th year of Innovative Works, opening on January 27 and running through February 18! Tickets starting at only $25!


Josh Hall – A day in the life

Today, Josh will rehearse choreography by Mark Diamond, resident choreographer Sasha Janes and former company member David Ingram. How many steps will he take in one day? Join Josh as he takes you through a day in his life.


8:15 AM

“Getting ready to start my day! Eating some breakfast and picking out my outfit. Looks like someone doesn’t want me to leave!”

 10 AM

“Charlotte Ballet dancers take company class each morning to work on their technique and warm up for the rehearsal day ahead. My Apple Watch is on to track my steps and calories throughout the day!”

11:30 AM

“My first rehearsal of the day is for Sasha Janes’ new ballet. Apple Watch says: 1,211 calories burned!”


12:15 PM

“Warming up for my next rehearsal.” 

1:30 PM

“Working on choreography with Jamie Dee Clifton.

The company rehearses 5 ballets in just 4 weeks for Innovative Works.”


2 PM

Getting fitted in the costume shop with Director of Costumes Aimee Coleman and Wardrobe Supervisor Amy Evans. They’ll keep tweaking the design until it’s ready to go on stage!


3:45 PM

3,001 calories burned! In the studio with Ryo Suzuki.

5:15 PM

Rehearsing with resident choreographer Sasha Janes with Sarah Hayes Harkins.

3,525 calories burned.


8 PM

Finishing off today with some Pilates at @pilatesbodyshaping. I burned a total of 4,080 calories and took 10,238 steps. Thanks for following me today!

See Josh in Charlotte Ballet’s next performance, Innovative Works, running January 27-February 18 at the Center for Dance. We’re celebrating the 20th year of Innovative Works with new ballets from David Ingram, Sasha Janes, Mark Diamond and company dancer Sarah Hayes Harkins.

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