Jul 18

Setting the Stage – Introducing Hope Muir V1

Setting the Stage is an ongoing series with Hope Muir, who has been named Charlotte Ballet’s new Artistic Director beginning July 2017. Hope will offer insight into the planning of her first season with Charlotte Ballet for 2017/2018 and what she’s up to in current role as Assistant Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet.

Hope visits Charlotte Ballet in July 2016

Hope visits Charlotte Ballet in July 2016

Since the news of my appointment as the new Artistic Director of Charlotte Ballet, I have barely been able to catch my breath. I am so thrilled to have been chosen to lead Charlotte Ballet into the next phase of its development and so proud to be working for such a wonderful company of artists.

I am currently the Assistant Artistic Director at Scottish Ballet and I am based in Glasgow until I take the post officially in Charlotte in July 2017. So for now, I live in Scotland and, in the background, I am quietly starting to pull together all the pieces of the puzzle that will culminate in my inaugural 2017/2018 Season. There are quite a few pieces: choreographers, agents, musicians, conductors, designers, stagers and coaches, all of whom have very challenging calendars. The next few seasons are all starting to take shape.

I look forward to sharing with you more of the work and planning that is taking place at Charlotte Ballet, as well as a bit of insight into what I’m up to in Europe and the United States.