With a celebrated performance career, masterful choreographic works and visionary leadership of Charlotte Ballet, Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux has made a lasting impact on the ballet world and the Charlotte community. The 2016/2017 Season is Bonnefoux’s final season as president and artistic director of Charlotte Ballet, a position he came to in 1996, just a few years after Charlotte Ballet (then North Carolina Dance Theatre) moved to Charlotte from Winston-Salem.

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You can also show your gratitude to Jean-Pierre by becoming a member of 20 for 20. With a gift of $20 a month to honor 20 years of leadership, together we can create a movement recognizing Jean-Pierre and his legacy. Learn more

Don’t miss Jean-Pierre’s final show:

Inspired Works

June 1-3 | Knight Theater


For the last performance before his retirement, Bonnefoux has handpicked an all-star lineup. Whether you’ve been attending performances for 20 years or are new to ballet, Inspired Works will leave you feeling uplifted, energized and in awe.