May 23

Jamie Dee Clifton – 8 Seasons in Photos

After eight seasons with Charlotte Ballet, dancer Jamie Dee Clifton will retire from the stage. During her time with the company Jamie’s passion, humor and talent have inspired audiences and colleagues. We congratulate Jamie on a remarkable stage career and offer best wishes and as she and husband Blake are expecting a sibling for daughter Kilian!

Don’t miss Jamie’s final performance, Inspired Works, June 1-3 at Knight Theater. Purchase your tickets today! 

Sasha Janes’ Shelter (2012)


Photography by Christopher Record – Jamie (center)

Jiri Kylian’s Forgotten Land (2014)


Photography by Christopher Record Photography – Jamie (left)

Fun Fact: Jamie’s most exciting dance moment was dancing Jiří Kylián’s Forgotten Land while pregnant with her daughter.

Dwight Rhoden’s Ballad Unto (2016)

jamie-18-webPhotography by Christopher Record – Jamie with Josh Hall

Fun Fact: Jamie says her favorite moments are when she gets completely lost in a work and becomes someone else entirely.

Sasha Janes’ Rhapsodic Dances (2013)

jamie-13-webPhotography by Christopher Record – Jamie (right)

Fun Fact: Jamie’s goal as a professional dancer is to work every day with integrity and respect for the art form.

 Dwight Rhoden’s Spun to the Sky (2015)

jamie-15-webPhotography by Peter Zay

Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux’s Peter Pan (2015)


Photography by Jeff Cravotta – Jamie as Tinkerbell

Fun Fact: Jamie found out she was pregnant with her first child the night before taking this photo!

In rehearsal with Sasha Janes


Photography by Jeff Cravotta

With her daughter Kilian and husband Blake


Photography by Kyo H Nam


Fun Fact: When asked “Who do you most admire in the dance world?”  Jamie responded with “mothers who return to dancing.”



Meeting her family backstage after dancing Snow Queen in Nutcracker.



Jamie’s daughter Kilian is always in the audience to cheer on her mom!



Dancing with her husband Blake at Mark Diamond’s Dance Interactive



Fun Fact: Jamie’s favorite thing to do on a day off is play with her baby!



Family pic from the super hero convention