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Chelsea Dumas

Chelsea, from Fort Wayne, IN, started her ballet training at New American Youth Ballet and Conservatory under the direction of Beth McLeish. She attended summer programs on scholarship at The School of American Ballet and Chautauqua School of Dance. She went on to study for one year as a ballet major at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. At age 19, she spent one season as an apprentice with Charlotte Ballet and joined the first company at age 20. She was awarded as one of Pointe Magazine’s Standouts of 2017 for her role as Catherine Earnshaw in Sasha Jane’s Wuthering Heights. Some of her favorite roles she’s performed include Johan Inger’s Walking Mad, Helen Pickett’s Tsukiyo, Sasha Janes’Wuthering Heights and The Princess in Javier de Frutos’ The Most Incredible Thing.

  • Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
  • Dancing Since: Age 3
  • Seasons with Charlotte Ballet: 6
  • Favorite role she’s danced: Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights
  • What “powers” you as a dancer? What gives you the motivation to work harder or inspires you to make the hard work look effortless? The human body is an incredible instrument. It defies what the mind thinks it’s capable of. What powers me as a dancer is the growth and improvement I see on a daily basis through hard work and commitment. When I feel as though I am too tired or can’t memorize another step I always do. It is inspiring to see just how powerful we really are.
  • If she wasn’t dancing she would be: A life coach
  • Why she dances: “Dancing has always been my biggest passion. It allows my soul to shine through.”